Friday, December 11, 2009

minimum selects VOL 9

minimum selects vol 9 - back from the dead... with some angry young men

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I'm back!!! Yeah yeah I ain't been bloggin, I've been on the youtwitface and in the lab and in the cluuuub... But we had a big show last week at Highline Ballroom so know I made a mix! Here's the highlights that have never appeared here on minimum selects...

I've been told New York Parasite sounds like the Dead Boys. Thank you to that! I think its all the chugga chugga guitars and the fuck new york attitude. This is Sonic Reducer, their first single from 1977. Nihilism + Sci-Fi = punk rock classic.

Track numba two is from Seattle's now-defunct Blood Brothers. I have no idea what We Ride Skeletal Lightning is about, but I imagine it must have hurt.

One Day As A Lion is the first proper release from Zack De La Rocha since Rage Against The Machine. Its a two man collaboration between Zack and John Theodore (ex-Mars Volta). Supposedly there's a full album of unreleased music from the band, let's hope Zack lets it get out. And then lets hope he gets back with Rage to make a new record... sigh...

Re-ignition is a lost Bad Brains gem from the 80's, it sounds like the Bad Brains from the 1970's mixed in with Michael Jackson's Thriller and Van Halen. And the Dead Boys. The riff here is so good I can even enjoy the cheesy 80's sounding bridge as I await it's return underneath Dr. Know's shredding guitar solo.

Sly Fox is a dig at Fox News and the "idiot box," from Nas' 2008 album Untitled. The real title and album cover is in the photo to the right, but he was censored and refused to re-name the album. Its a pretty decent modern rap album until you get to the song where Nas spends 64 bars comparing fried chicken to a woman and then Busta Rhymes appears and starts talking about buttering thighs. Ewwwwwww, check please!

We follow one anti-TV rant with another: Public Enemy's She Watch Channel Zero?!?! Terminator X spins the grimy hard rock sample while Flav and Chuck D call upon a nation to pull its head out of it ass... "You blind baby, you blind from the facts of who you are from watching all that garbage..."

I recently saw the FELA! musical on Broadway in NYC (yeah that's right I went to a Broadway show) and one of the best sequences is where Fela Kuti explains his musical "recipe" while the band plays the various styles and the dancers break down the moves. They went from traditional Yoruba drumming to Jazz Shuffles to James Brown chicken picking and Nigerian Highlife, which all culminated in his "Afro-Beat". (stay tuned for some Fela down the line). I bring all this up as an example because here I give you in 2 short steps, the recipe for Rage Against The Machine:

Public Enemy + Black Sabbath

It's that simple folks! (or is it???)


  1. Zack is the man! I was gettin' down when they played "People of the Sun" at Highline. You shoulda saw me and my friend, Doug. It was priceless. My favorite One Day as a Lion song is 'Wild International', but 'If You Fear Dying' is siiick! "And then lets hope he gets back with Rage to make a new record... sigh..." Yeah. Or at least tour one more time, so I can see them. I'd pass out if I saw those tour dates! Ha! And the recipe for RATM...agreed.

    Sly Fox has got some deep lyrics. I died laughing when I read "check please". Yeah, those kinds of songs make me despise modern rap. Kinda confuses me when you get degrading lyrics from a rapper that seems to have class in a sense. Busta Rhymes...I'm not surprised.

    I'm late on Black Sabbath...and Ozzy in general. I never paid much attention to either. About a year ago, I found that I liked Ozzy, when I heard 'I Don't Know'. GREAT song! I need to listen to more Black Sabbath. I must say, I LOVE 'Sweet Leaf'.

  2. re-ignition...haven't heard this in forever...went to see them in Charlotte on that tour (i against i) rode from greensboro to see them with my brand new mohawk which was too tall for dude's car so I stuck it out the window for the hour and a half ride...only to find out that I had missed the all-ages show and couldn't get in for the second set for the oldsters...

  3. Master of Reality! there's an instrumental track on there I think it's the last track that me & Jeff Winning used to create a rap song... did you know Jeff? Anyways, it was good finding you again Leo --Bryson