Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photo Essay: MAY 29, 2010, Alto Arizona Protests

May 29th, 2010: Phoenix Arizona.
Below is my photo gallery from the actions against the racial profiling “show me your papers” law (SB 1070) in Arizona.

See more artwork from the event here, very cool stuff:

Over 100,000 people came out to Phoenix to march against injustice and racism. We performed 3 different times at the protests, playing Deportees, Fighting Song and Que Queremos, sharing the stage with Los Jornaleros Del Norte and the Mexican banda pop star Jenni Rivera. It was very important to be out there with a message of “No Borders, No Nations” as too many well-intentioned folks opposed to racism and fascism were out there with signs asking Obama to stop the law. Obama's response to this has been to send 1200 federal troops to "secure" the border. These are the same soldiers trained to kill accross the globe and putting them on the border is no good for the people. We need a whole other way.


  1. Maybe Americans should do to Mexican citizens (Nationals or whomever) what they do to immigrants who enter Mexico from the South: They kill them!! Or if we even establish the Mexican immigrant law for entering their country which is so difficult that most people couldn't endure (look up their laws online and see for yourself.
    Also there is 45 Million Mexicans in the USA who are here illegally, I think that is enough. Mexicans are greedy and selfish and want America for themselves and other poor people from other countries don't have a chance. They are hogs.
    Also, it makes no sense at all that Mexicans (45 million here already, if you include all family members, and that's way over quota) would come to the USA when we have the highest unemployment rate ever, and we are hurting financially and economically. It makes no sense! Especially since Mexico is doing better than the USA! Since Bush and now Obummer have been giving Mexico BILLIONS of American tax-payers' dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR since the year 2000. Americans support every Mexican in the world, this needs to stop!!
    Also Mexicans (they are not from Latin America, so they are not Latinos) murder, rape and rob Americans citizens every single day!! They kill about 45,000 Americans every year. And our police let them go free when they commit crimes, as per Bush and Obummer. Our police force is weak and inefficient and wimpy, except for Arizona. They are tough!!
    People from Mexico have no right to come to America and tell us how to live. They should go home on their own, but they have no honor and they don't respect our English language or our laws. I'd rather have the Clay Pygmies from Borneo here instead of even one Mexican. Mexicans tear down America and do not build it up. Why would anyone want them here in the USA? It's a mystery to me.
    Why is it that Mexicans living here illegally are the only ones against our immigration laws? They protest too much! Which is illegal for them. The US Constitution says that the only people who can protest anything are only the US citizens and not people from ANY foreign countries, that's criminal and protests are peaceful, but illegal Mexicans always protest violently!
    Also, why do Mexicans FEAR deportation, they don't pay fines or go to jail, all they do is go back home, there is no reason to fear deportation, they are just GOING HOME. Anyways, they come back here in about two or three weeks, why are they saying that it's fearful to deport and go home. It makes no sense!!
    American citizens need to fully secure our boder so tight a mouse couldn't get through!! As fast as possible.
    There is a reason why Bush and Obummer want the Mexicans to invade and fillup America, and Americans better find out soon! I'm very serious!!

  2. The comment above is a tissue of lies, hanging only by a thread of spit. I am from Arizona, and hold very dear those of Mexicano origin who befriended me, physically stood up for me, a gringa, against bullies, and who always made me welcome in their home, never taking 'no' for an answer to a dinner invitation. No matter how little there was, there was enough for me.

    It's interesting - the commenter above complains about our economy, yet all the people I know who spew this racist garbage are far from suffering. They are, like the tea party people, doing better than the average American. But they cling to the selfish fiction that poor people are lazy; that excuses their greed.

    In 2005 my grandaughter, then 5 yrs. old, joined me at a rally in the main square of a suburban California town. 10,000 had marched from a church 5 miles away in solidaridad with each other. She helped me distribute information on how to unite against racism, and quickly all our flyers were eagerly accepted by the people in the square, in a marked contrast with the reaction of gringos, who almost always walk faster when they see politics approaching (as if to say 'don't confuse me with the facts, I know what I think already') After the rally, everyone started walking back to the church. My grandaughter was so full of the affection she felt from the people that she insisted we walk there, too. I told her that we could drive, but she said, "No, I want to walk, everybody's walking, I want to walk with the people!" It was long, and a hot day, but she made it, without complaining. People expressed surprise and offered water to us, and very beautiful smiles. I'm sorry to say there were only a handful of gringos among the 10,000 or so people that day. It was one of the proudest and happiest of my life.

  3. Wow why a racist is here is beyond me. Leoartist your art is as probably bad as your politics!